With a low upfront cost, those who choose wooden fences must keep in mind maintenance. Applying the right stain for your wood will ensure you get the most out of your wooden fence. Wooden fencing allows for full or partial privacy and can come in heights of 6′ to 8.’

Wooden fences are perfect for providing security and privacy. Want to let your small children or pets run around in the back yard without worrying about them wandering off? How about hosting outdoor dinner parties or cookouts while maintaining your privacy? Wood is a great material because it’s aesthetically pleasing, durable, and an effective barrier.

Since wood is a living material, it will decay over time. Therefore we cannot offer a warranty on the wood itself. However, we do offer a 1 year warranty on the labor just in case any problem should arise. The color will eventually turn grey and the wood will crack and twist as it ages. Many homeowners use paints, stains and sealants to protect their wood fence and maintain its aesthetically pleasing qualities. Wood naturally gets smaller as it dries out and expands when it gets wet. This is why warping is inevitable with an unsealed wooden fence.

Maintaining your wood fence is crucial if you want to keep it structurally and cosmetically sound. Sealing your fence must be done every year to protect the wood from rot. Pressure washing a wooden fence is an effective way of cleaning it. However, be careful not to use too much pressure as this will damage the wood.

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