Chain link fences are an excellent choice for fencing when privacy is of the lowest concern. Chain link fences are virtually maintenance free and have long life expectancies. Used for home security to prison security, you want find a more versatile fence.

Chain link fences offer a wide range of customizations. Barbed wire or razor wire can be added depending on the level of security needed. If privacy becomes an issue privacy slats can be added. If you do not like the metallic look of your chain link fence vinyl coating is available in whatever color your prefer.

How Chain Link Fences are Made

Chain link fences are made from steel wire woven into a pattern. While some fences use different patterns the diamond pattern is the most used and gives chain link fences their classic look.

In Norwich, England in 1844 Charles Barnard made the first machine for the industrial production of wire netting, and shortly after this the first chain link fences were being produced. Chain link fences became famous during World War II when London did away with their steel fences and replaced them with chain link. Because of this, chain link fences today are used for residential and commercial purposes thanks to providing clear visibility, high security, and low maintenance.

Chain Link Fence Uses

Many people also prefer chain link fences because of their low cost and maintenance. Commercial properties will often use chain link fences to enforce property boundaries and secure their goods. While these fences are cheaper than most they still provide great security. Barbed wire can be added to increase security and even when more security is needed then razor wire can also be added.

Chain link fences can also be easily relocated. The chain links once unattached can be rolled up for easy transportation. For these reasons many construction companies use chain link fences to secure construction sites and temporary buildings.

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